Loser Part 9

I don’t want anyone to think I am mad at them for saving seats. I have purposely not wanted to know who was saving seats. I am afraid they would probably be some of my friends and the leadership of the church. I am not scolding you or picking on you. What is my job is to tell you that, by you not being willing to lose, you don’t give Christ the chance to win. It is really much more than just a seat in church; it is the attitude of a person afraid to lose something so Jesus can win everything. Choosing to lose is a controlled move. Ultimately, the one who is in control is the winner, and I am asking you: Who is in control? Until you are willing to lose for His sake, He isn’t winning through you. And as soon as you choose to lose and give up total control, Jesus Christ will begin to win. Parents, one of the best gifts you can give your kids is teaching them how to lose. Nobody wants their kids to be losers, but, the truth is, we all lose at some time or another, and if you haven’t taught them how to lose, the loss just might be more than they can take. We aren’t born with the ability to take the loss and see the victory. We are born wanting the thrill of victory and only watching the agony of defeat. In Jesus, we will feel the thrill of defeat, and know there is agony in our own victory.

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