Loser Part 8

The Jesus in you is the only Jesus some people may see. Do they see Jesus or do they still see you? If they see you , then you haven’t learned to lose. If you ever are going to truly win, you have got to learn to completely lose. We so hate to lose, even in the least of thingsA. s a kid, we start by saving our spot in line. We don’t want to lose the last Coke or piece of pie, so we hide it in the back of the fridge . We are so convinced that, if we don’t act now, we will lose the opportunity to get the dream car, or dream home. And so, out of refusing to lose, we finance ourselves until some will lose it all. We are so trained to hate to lose that we save seats at church. I don’t want to believe that anybody in here wouldn’t give up their own seat so someone else could sit down, especially ladies and elderly, but just last week there was an older couple on this side of the church and I spoke to them. They were close to the front. About ten minutes before church, I was on the other side coming down that back row and there they sat. I asked what in the world are you doing way back here? They weren’t mad or offended or anything. In fact, they were just happy to be in God’s house. But they said, “Well, we accidentally sat in someone else’s seat.” That broke my heart. All I could think was this older couple could be my grandparents. Maybe he don’t see or hear so good anymore and they moved all the way to the far back ‘cause someone had saved themselves a seat. I don’t believe anyone would save themselves a seat here and not be willing to lose their own seat for grandparents.

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