Loser Part 6

Submit means to yield one’s rights. It means to surrender your rights and lose to them. In a Christian home, men are called to be the leaders. Some wives need to allow their husband to lead without the battle. Some need to not belittle him for the mistakes he makes. He is just a man. Some wives need to get out of the way and stop leading for him. He is just as dumb today as he was the day you married him. He won’t get any better until you start helping him by supporting, understanding and submitting to … losing to … him. Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” There is no way to lose bigger than to give yourself up for someone. We are called, as husbands, to die for our wives. That doesn’t mean take a bullet. That would be way too sudden and not near painful enough. That means that you and all you want don’t matter anymore. What matters is what is best for her, and taking care of her, meeting her needs. Not “wants,” but needs. I have never met a wife who had a problem submitting to a husband that was dying for her and their family. The problem comes when we, as men, don’t die to ourselves, when we can’t stand the thought of losing. We have to win. If she won’t lose either, nobody wins … not man, not wife, not kids, and not Jesus. The way to win in marriage is by losing as individuals so that together you win.

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