Loser Part 3

To steal a quote from a wise older man (Gaylon White), “Anyone can learn to win, but winners learn to lose.” He was really into cutting. Not feed lot sorting or team roping, but cuttings. Soon his son wanted to. For the first year or so his son just didn’t do good at all. In fact, he usually didn’t even get a time. He told his son once, when he was griping a little ‘cause he wasn’t doing good, “Anyone can learn to win. Winners learn to lose.” He told him he had better not come out of the pen crying, either. If he did, he would give him something to cry about. My junior year in high school, we didn’t win a football game. Let me tell you there was some crying going on, and fighting. After every game, me and my buddy Ricky would be in a fight with some or all the other team. We just hated losing. I learned more in losing 10 straight games than I ever did in winning. The previous two years we were something like, 19-5-1 total. Losing taught us so much more than winning. My junior year taught me how to fight. It taught me that it was more about going to battle with my buddies than dancing in the end zone. It was more about getting knocked down, and getting back up, and back up. In my life, there has been a lot more get back ups than end zone dances. Luke 9:24 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.

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