Loser Part 2

I believe from T-ball all the way up, we teach our kids to win, and to want to win. The last year I coached was Tybo and T-ball. He was playing first base. I had shown him several times how to stand on the base, but he just couldn’t get it. Sure enough, this kid hits the ball, it goes right past the short-stop and into the outfield. Wouldn’t you know his Dad was coaching first base? As the kid came to first, he stopped. His Dad was yelling, “Go to second! Go to second!” The kid just stood there. When the play ended and I had the ball back at the mound, I heard this Dad ask, “Why wouldn’t you go to second base like I told you?” The little boy looked up at him and said he couldn’t ‘cause his friend Ty was in the way. That Dad said, “Well you run him over! If he is in your way, you better take him out!” As I walked toward him, I heard Joe McQuistin in my ear, saying, “Remember your preaching. Hold up.” I decided right then that was why they came up with team chaplains. As a society, we hate to lose. High schools pay top dollar for winning coaches. W e build massive facilities to improve our athletic programs. Colleges recruit the best athletes there are. These winning coaches get paid millions. And the pros … well, it don’t seem to matter a whole lot what pros do as long as they can win.

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