Loser Part 1

Have you ever paid much attention to the extreme eforts we make to win, especially when it comes to our kids? I have mentioned my idea of financing a horse so Tybo could have a chance at being better. I want to give him the best chance at being good at what he loves doing. You know school is about to start back, which means back to high school football, and Friday nights. I loved playing high school football. Now I didn’t love it like some you know; those guys that are 45 and easily 100 pounds overweight, still talking about “back when we played, we really hit someone,” or, “I invented the word ‘decleeter.’ ” You know them. You might be married to him. Anyway, I love sports and I am very competitive. Just ask my girls. When they were small we played softball and we were serious. If you go to a sport event one of my kids are in, I promise I am trying very hard to be quiet, but sure enough, it won’t take long and you will hear me, usually coaching from the side lines. I am not the only one. I have watched some of you. My wife can sure get fired up, most especially at the umpire’s and referees. She don’t say much, but if you know her, she is boiling. And how about Mrs. Wylie? She is so sweet and quiet. Inside of her is a raging, screaming, crazed fan. Alissa, her oldest, and Terra graduated together and they played basketball their freshman year. Let me just tell you, Mrs. Wylie knows how to holler.

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