Cowboy Curriculum

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Prayery Land

Farm and ranch families know better than to let just anyone watch over their children. Cowboy church Sunday schools need quality materials that teach the young about Jesus and the Kingdom of God in a way that speaks to their everyday lives. That’s where the Prayery family comes in. Sunday school teachers download the lessons and print them out to use when guiding children into the wisdom of God. Each lesson has a fun activity based around the message, and a spiritual message illustrated in a cowboy context. Our goal is to help the Cowboy Churches succeed by equipping leaders with weekly Bible lessons in the Cowboy style that will excite kids about God.

These weekly lesson plans for your children’s church ministry are relevant children’s curriculum designed specifically for the cowboy culture. These seasonal lesson plans will help you teach the principles of the Bible as they relate to the everyday life of cowboys and ranchers. Written for ages 5-10, each lesson will add fun and uniqueness to your teaching experience.

Barn Fellowship

This is a men’s Bible study weekly lesson series. These workbooks are created specifically for men and the issues they face every day. Each lesson is designed to help your Barn Fellowships apply Biblical truths to serious personal issues. Individual workbooks can be completed in either 6 or 8 weeks and include a video overview.


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