About Us

Jason Taylor is a working cowboy with the scars to prove it. With all else he has going on, he still deals with cattle every day. He was raised a cowboy and is proud to be part of one of the greatest American cultures around. Wife and children also make him a strong family man.

Jason is also a preacher at Bar None Cowboy Church in Tatum, Texas. His weekly sermons are shown on TV. He’s also a national speaker about the excellence of America, past, present and too-often endangered. To top that all off, he became president of the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches (AFCC) in 2014.

When he shares about cowboying, he knows what he’s talking about. When he shares about the transformative power of Jesus Christ, he also knows that from experience. Jason makes no bones about having had just about as rough a past as anyone can have and still be alive. The fact that he doesn’t live that way today doesn’t disqualify him from preaching about it … it confirms his claim that making Jesus Lord and Savior brings miraculous healing to anyone who asks for it.