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Because not everyone who wants to can make it out to Bar None Cowboy Church for the fulfilling lessons, we record them and edit them into half-hour broadcasts. These are shown weekly on KLTV 7 in the Longview area, and are then uploaded to this site for your convenience and pleasure. God is growing Bar None mightily. Find out why and be a part of it here.

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C.P.R. Part 6

July 24th, 2017

It didn’t work. The puppy still died. We had a funeral and a couple days mourning. But I want you to get this: I was willing without hesitation to put my mouth on a dog’s mouth ‘cause my baby girl asked me to. I had no desire to give mouth-to-mouth to a dog, but I […]

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C.P.R. Part 5

July 17th, 2017

by sin. I can remember how it felt when I couldn’t breathe and was on the edge of death. I had a lawyer give me CPR. He and his wife wrapped their arms around me and my family. They got in the mess and they did whatever it took to save us. They didn’t just […]

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C.P.R. Part 4

July 10th, 2017

I said, “How you figure? What you call it? ‘Easy Way to Kill a Cow?’ ” He said, “No. Shouldn’t we be willing to help anybody in need? Not just pick and choose who we want to help?” I said, “Yeah. But you need to know that if it comes down to me blowing in […]

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